Non-operative varicose veins treatment

Sclerotherapy of varicose veins as well as blood lumps  of I and II degree using foam is a completely non-operative method.


The universality of the method  helps to close almost every vessel taken by varicose veins in the ambulatory system (no need for a patient to remain in hospital)

The method is ambulatory- which means no necessity of staying in hospital and undergoing anaesthesia. Soon after the operation the patient is allowed to return home with doctor’s recommendations not limiting the body fitness.

The way of displaying the varicose veins by means of Doppler ultrasonic scanner (The American machine Doppler Logiq book zp pro) allows to preform the operation precisely and  to treat the vessel effectively.


Sclerotherapy of reticular varices and spider veins is a cosmetological method of treatment, it does not include any anaesthesia and leaving the patient in hospital.


By means of veins visualization (leading the light into the veins using Vein Lite 220, American devise of Translite company) it is possible to introduce obliterating products precisely and safely. The instruments used by me to close the vessel are the best world quality, which has  a significant impact on the safety in the procedures. After the treatment the patient can return home. The method allows to continue the style of life as it was before,     what does not disturb to make plans for the future.