Doppler ultrasonic scanner


One of the most basic examination in the vessels diseases diagnosis. It helps to measure the blood flow in blood vessels and veins without surgical operation. The method uses the changes of the frequency of ultrasonic wave reflected from blood cells moving in the vessel. By means of the analysis of the reflected wave it is possible to measure the direction and the speed of the blood flow as well as to picture the pathological changes along the course of the vessel side or the presence of its clots.


The method leads to the diagnosis of numerous diseases of arterial vessels such as arteriosclerosis strips, micro-blockage in the drain, or arterial blockage.


Ultrasonic scanner of the veins system helps to detect the deep veins thrombosis, which may lead to the fatal blockage of the lung arteria. The method occurred to be indispensable in the diagnosis of patients with chronic complicated vein failure or veins ulcers in order to qualify properly to the right treatment.