This is the examination of anus duct up to 10 cm depth made by means of a special rectal speculum or using a working anoscope with HD view, in the knees-elbows position or on the side. It does not require patient’s any preparation to the examination. Apart from the diagnosis, the method enables to perform minor surgeries in the rectum sphere.


Nowadays, in the days of searching for work and the fear of anaesthetic as well as any surgeries in hospitals, more and more attention is given to minimal invasive surgery performed in ambulatory conditions in local anaesthesia.


The possibility of such procedure is given by the working anoscope with the direct view of the examination and its effect. Another crucial advantage of this kind of treatment is the fact that the patient is able to return to work soon afterwards.


Indications to the anoscopy:

Bleeding to the lower part of gastrointestinal tract.

Itching in the rectum area.

Pain during the defecation.

Changes in the rhythm and frequency of defecation as well as the texture of the stool (diarrhoea, thin and small stool).

Faecal incontinence.

Inconvenient and ineffective rectal tenesmus.

Control examination after surgeries in the rectum areas.